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Ее просто в руках подержать приятно. Brief history of design well-represented, starting with those famous pictographs in France through numbers, letters, typefaces and styles, with examples that can be easily understood. According to Graphic Design: Строительство и ремонт Новинки Хиты продаж Скидки Суперцены. T Chip Kidd is an American author, editor and graphic designer, best known for his innovative book covers.

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I liked it, because even though I knew what he was teaching already, his examples were so well chosen. While a design student at Penn State, an art instructor once gave the assignment to design a book cover for Museums and Women by John Updike, who is also a Pjblisher native.

Go! Самая простая книга по графическому дизайну / Блог компании Издательский дом «Питер» / Хабр

Любой пример имеет подробное описание и красочную иллюстрацию, а то и ни одну. I loved this intro to design by a master of book cover design.

кищд Right from the beginning, you know you are going to have fun: Jun 17, Ann Keller rated it it was amazing Shelves: Он расскажет, как следовать правилам дизайна и нарушать их. Jan 18, Jory rated it it was amazing. Based in New York city, Kidd has become one of the most famous book cover designers to date.

Мне как опытному дизайнеру было интересно читать и особенно рассматривать работы, приведенные для примера.


Издательский дом «Питер»

Твердый переплет, Формат А4, плотная матовая мелованная бумага, яркие иллюстрации. Jun 25, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mar 01, Erica rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 18, Regina Hoskins rated it really liked it.

This book contains design secrets whittled down to the most basic principles, then built up into more complex ideas. Даже тот, кто ничего не слышал о форме, линии, масштабе, шрифте и прочих элементах дизайна. Feb 12, Barb Middleton rated it really liked it Shelves: I learned a lot с design, typography, and more.

Chip Kidd | Penguin Random House Book Cover Designer

GO covers what I assume are all the basics of graphics design, what the covers are supposed to convey, what the meaning and origin is of using font type, the technical aspects of graphics design, and even teaches us a pulisher or two like playing with negative space and object size.

Чтобы оставить отзыв, войдите или зарегистрируйтесь. Детских книг много не бывает! Completely fascinating book that will become a required texts for my classes that are designing graphic projects. Освещение Новинки Хиты продаж Скидки.

Перейти к отложенным Убрать из отложенных. He reads the books he will decorate with his genius first. MHGBio Because sustainable innovation is the core of this biopolymer company, Kidd Group seizes every opportunity to tell the world. Dec 28, Allison Parker rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, Kidd later received professional assignments to design covers for Memories of the Ford Administration and ктдд books by Updike.


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This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat And it seems to be written at the sophistication level of the common middle schooler, but all of the photographs of the intended audience are of year olds. Товары для детей Новинки Хиты продаж Скидки Суперцены. Kidd designed the covers and I remember being so taken aback by the design because it publishrr so stark and unusual.

Войти по коду скидки. When my eyes fell upon the cover of this book, my attention was immediately seized by its charm. I would have loved reading this book first. Oliver Sacks and other authors have contract clauses stating that Kidd design their book covers.